UK - Digital Democracies - 2022/23

The Herd: Fast Food Megaverse

Critically acclaimed local theatre company, The Herd (‘A howling delight’ The Guardian), created their epic celebration of young imaginations in collaboration with children from all over Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University’s Letterbox Club - Fast Food Megaverse. Fast Food Megaverse is an audio journey which takes audiences around the city in pursuit of Mo – a fast food delivery driver who has become lost and trapped in an alternate universe. Upon reaching their destination, the audience are then treated to a special performance when Mo returns to their own reality.

Freedom Festival Arts Trust commissioned this audio performance from The Herd as we are always actively seeking more ways to become active within the local youth scene. With Fast Food Megaverse being written in collaboration with children, we feel proud to give the young people in Hull the opportunity to step through the curtain from being an observer during Freedom Festival to experiencing the thrill and joy of seeing something you helped create being performed for audiences who enjoy their hard work.

The Herd’s Fast Food Megaverse had multiple shows almost every single day of the nine days of Freedom Festival, with active and engaged audiences for every performance. Despite being a show written in collaboration with so many young people, during Freedom Festival 2022 we saw a mixed range of ages enjoying the performance, who found the joy and wonder in being taken on an adventure across the megaverse using only audio and imagination.

Commissioned by Freedom Festival, Arts Council England with support from Hull City Arts Partners: Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University, Hull Truck Theatre, supported through the National Lottery Project Grants- an open access programme for arts, libraries and museums projects.