Episode 1 – New Beginnings

How do you know when something is finished? This is just one question posed to artists and creatives who give personal thoughts and views on when art is ready to be made public.

Introduction: MIKEY MARTINS (Artistic Director & CEO of Freedom Festival Arts Trust)

Host: KATE OGRAM (Freedom Ambassador)


DAN ACHER (Artivist, Founder & Creative Director - Happy City Lab)

- Music by Guillaume Desbois. BOREALIS Soundtrack.

ANNA HEINRICH & LEON PALMER (Artist Partnership - Heinrich & Palmer)

- Music by The Broken Orchestra

JEAN-BAPTISTE DUPERRAY (Artistic Director & Founder - Compagnie des Quidams)

- Music by Sueño en la Fábrica. TOTEMS Soundtrack.

KATIE SPENCER (Singer Songwriter & Guitarist)

- Music by Katie Spencer. ‘Helsa’

MARK RAE (Author, music maker & founder of Grand Central Records, Fat City & Rae & Christian)

- Music by Mark Rae. ‘Sample of a Sample Refix’ (Instrumental) / ‘All I Have’ (Instrumental)