Episode 2 – Restriction in Art

It has been said that the enemy of art is the absence of limitations… but when do those limitations begin to encroach on the feasibility of making a career from art?

In this episode we hear from a broad range of artists worldwide on their interpretation on the subject of 'Restriction in Art'. What it's like to exist as an artist under restrictive circumstances, how what appears on the surface as a restriction is actually part of their craft, the challenges they overcome to create their work and how it inspires and shapes their art.

Introduction: MIKEY MARTINS (Artistic Director & CEO of Freedom Festival Arts Trust)

Host: JENNI HARRISON (Head of Communications & Creative Media at Freedom Festival Arts Trust)


STEW BAXTER (Musician, photographer, Drummer-LIFE )

- Music by Stew Baxter. ‘Equidistant’.

DR. AHMAD SARMAST (Musician & Director - Afghanistan National Institute of Music)

- Music by Meena Karimi. ‘Dawn’

ESTHER CAWLEY Artist, Teacher & Mum)

- Music by The Broken Orchestra

LAUREL LAWSON Choreographer, Dancer, Designer and Engineer - Kinetic Light)

- Music by The Broken Orchestra

RUSS LITTEN (Writer & Musician)

- Music by The Broken Orchestra