Artists working with participants

This form helps us to gather all the information we need to plan your workshops for participants and to ensure you've agreed to our policies. The more information we can share with people, the more likely they are to want to get involved.

    We'd like to try and fit into your schedules as much as we can so any preferred dates and times are really helpful. I.e. 10th August, afternoon, 22nd August, evening.

    Please give us an idea of what will be happening in the workshops so we can share this with participants.

    How many people will you need? If this is split across different sessions, please make sure you detail this.

    Is there anything specific you need in terms of the space we find for your sessions? I.e. size, storage etc.

    Our projects aim to be as inclusive as possible. What are your plans to make sure anyone can be involved? I.e. if you had someone attend who was deaf, how would you make sure they are included? Please think about physical and communication barriers. If you need any advice or support with this, please let us know.