Our Famous Summer Festival Visits Bridlington

Freedom on Tour

A Taste of Freedom Festival On Your Doorstep

The East Riding Arts have teamed up with Freedom Festival to bring some spectacular events to Bridlington this summer: Freedom on Tour – An Incredible Afternoon of Free Circus Performance by the Sea!

Hull's annual Freedom Festival is on tour for the very first time in the festival’s history. Visiting Bridlington beach with an exclusive one-day appearance, witness in awe the incredible internationally renowned performances that appear at the
main festival each year. Taking place just outside of Bridlington Spa, this event is completely free to attend so just turn up on the day and enjoy a brilliant show.

While you’re with us, make sure to say hello to our amazing volunteers and grab yourself a full Freedom Festival guide to see what else is on offer this summer at the festival!



What's On?

Thursday 31st August
Performances between
12.00 to 17.00

Taking place between Bridlington Spa and the RNLI Lifeboat Station

12pm & 3pm

Encore une fois by Tripotes la
Compagnie (BE)

6 shoulders, 3 heads and 1 collective; a unique and playful circus show full of acrobatic surprises and games.

It is above all a meeting. An invitation to us all to witness a friendly moment between these exceptional and fun circus performers. The Circus, for them, is risk taking; So let's mess it all up and start again! 'Encore une Fois' or 'Again' is based on the idea that errors are allowed. A show of acrobatic discovery and playful danger. The simplicity of absurd ideas and acrobatic games that they play together, full of improvisation which also allows the audience to enjoy the same emotions as the artists at the same time. All supported by a musical creation made of the sounds of ping-pong balls (yep!) and looped by a sampler/sequencer that accompanies the stage. This music box creates the soundtrack to the show live...

A unique and playful circus show full of acrobatic surprises and games, one certainly not to be missed.

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1pm & 4pm

EXIT by Circumstances (BE)

An exciting, impressive physical circus and dance performance where movement, acrobatics and balance board merge.

EXIT shows the meeting of four individuals walking one collective path. In a big, impressive installation with a revolving wall and floating doors, they move in and through space. They propel each other, walk, collide, climb, carry, balance and transform. They meet and leave, appear and disappear. As people, we are always on the go, but what if you do not arrive home anywhere? And what about the tension between the individual and the group? In their quest for independence, they realise that they need each other more than ever. They balance each other out, but also bring each other out of balance.


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